About us

Ain water purification is one of the premium companies working in the field of water treatment for Industrial, Agricultural,Commercial and Residential Applications.
We have gained a very good reputation until present as a professional company providing the required services and products to our clients. We have more than 10 Years of Experience in this field.

We have our own policy to use top-quality equipment and chemicals directly from the most trustworthy manufacturers, In addition to our trained technical staff for installation, maintenance, and technical support.

We are confident and proud of our clients, reputation, and the availability of our products with its highest quality and competitive prices. “The Quality Of Our Products Is Directly Reflected In Yours”

Our Mission

As Ain Water, we are continuing to be your indispensable supplier by improving our style and understanding of quality in the water treatment sector.

Our Vision

Our objective is to offer you the most economical and the most functional systems without compromising quality. Our customers are our partners in success and their satisfaction always is our top priority and will continue to be so..


After-sales support starts with installation area survey and continues with installation, commissioning, training and it is supported with maintenance and technical service that is monitored on hi-level.

Our Services


Multimedia Filtration Units

Cartridge And Bag Filter Containers

Chemical Dosing Pumps

Ultra Filtration Units


Active Carbon Filter Units